“Shyn Design is now MUCH BIGGER, we do many more things, web design, graphic design, brand, animated videos, video editing … with a compact team of highly trained storytellers and designers who work together to create the most impactful advertising.

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We have many new things to take your business to the top!

Magnet Videos

Explainer videos

So we thought, let's take over the website Magnet As the name suggests, we will fully dedicate ourselves to our explanatory videos there.
Would you like to stop by? Or even have your own explainer video?
Then quickly go to MAGNETVIDEOS.COM

Bambam Networks

Web design and development

Many clients have the problem of maintenance and management of their web at we will dedicate ourselves entirely to web design and hosting, creation and management of VPS and some other things. Would you like to stop by? Or even request to create a website with us?
Then quickly go to BAMBAMNETWORKS.COM

Over the shoulder view, woman at a workstation

I’ve been in the profession and in the media for many years, and now it’s really the Boom. Either you are on the Internet, or you are simply not.
But you have to be, prepared. I’m going to give you the best tools and tell you what really works.
I will help you launch your Company and I will take you by the hand through the best and fastest way, to make your project come true.

CEO, Company

Silvia Espadas

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Shyn Design is a Multidisciplinary graphic design studio, based in Hessen.

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  • Bambam Hosting
  • Go Video Marketing
  • Silvia Espadas